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All About Kath of Sir Ocilot for Ocicats

The Sir Ocilot Promise!

At Sir Ocilot, I don't breed multiple litters of kittens - I don't run a "kitten factory".
I breed selectively to produce the very best Ocicat kittens available in Australia.
I don't dabble in cross breeding the Ocicat with other cat breeds - Ocicats are perfect as they are!
I make sure I have the time to raise my kittens properly and socialise them well.
My Ocicat kitten clients are rewarded for their patience and are assured of being totally delighted with their new kitten.
And I make sure my Ocicat breeding cats are in top health and not treated like "kitten machines'.

This is my promise to you!     Kath of Sir Ocilot - Your Trusted Australian Ocicat Breeder

Ocicat kittens are spotted like small leopards
Bred especially to look like the wild cats but without the unpredictable nature of the wild or hybrid cats
Predictable & loving like the domestic cat
Ocicats - exclusive rare-breed domestic cats

Ocicat - The Cat for the Connoisseur
Sir Ocilot Ocicats began January 2015. We have one stud Ocicat and two queen Ocicats. We love all animals and our Ocicats have room to run outside, as well as the full run of our house.

Ocicats are active cats and very curious - they are also very people orientated and love lots of attention from their family and friends.

Sir Ocilot is a registered breeder with ANCATS. We also show our Ocicats with Cats Victoria Inc.

At Sir Ocilot, we pride ourselves on high morals and care for all living things. Our Ocicats are part of the family and our pet Ocicat girl, Kiara, loves to go for a drive in the car each day to pick up our daughter from school. Ocicats are intensely curious and Kiara checks out everyone walking past the car and our daughter's friends come over to pat her.
Our Aims

To produce Ocicats kittens that -

1.  reflect the Ocicat breed standard - therefore :

*  are worthy of their pedigree
*  are true to type with high quality markings

2.  show-case the Ocicat's wonderful temperament - therefore :

*  are well socialised
*  portray the Ocicat's true characteristics, such as confidence, intelligence, socially interactive, muscular, strong, great with children

Ocicat kittens from Sir Ocilot are well socialised with family and friends.
Our Ocicat kittens are also walked in a cat pram to get them used to movement and noise.
We regularly take our Ocicats out on a harness and leash.

3.  are healthy and strong - therefore :

*  our Ocicat breeding cats have been checked for hereditory diseases by Animals DNA Laboratories
*  our Ocicat kittens are vet checked by our veterinary surgeon prior to leaving Sir Ocilot
*  Ocicat kittens from Sir Ocilot are fully vaccinated and treated for internal and external parasites before leaving Sir Ocilot

Cat health is important to pet owners, but the health of our breeding Ocicat cats and Ocicat kittens is of particlar interest to Sir Ocilot.
As a responsible breeder we have our breeding Ocicats checked for hereditory diseases to make sure we are not unknowenly passing these diseases onto the kittens.
The breeding Ocicats at Sir Ocilot are clear of genetic diseases such as heart disease and kidney disease. These results can be seen on the page for Our Ocicats.
All our Ocicats are regularly wormed and flea treated as well as being vaccinated on a regular basis.

We hope you enjoy our site, Kath, Joe and Jessie.
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Sir Ocilot

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