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Choosing your Ocicat kitten from Sir Ocilot

Adopt a Kitten
Most of our Sir Ocilot Ocicat kittens travel either interstate or overseas to their new homes which means new owners cannot physically meet the kittens before selecting them from the litte.  

This is why I am often asked the question :

"I am interstate & cannot visit the kittens, how is my kitten chosen for me?"

  • To allocate kittens to new owners, I firstly refer to the waiting list to check preferences in gender and/or colour.  This is usually a simple matter of matching preferences with available kittens.
  • Then, I contact the waiting list people and suggest a kitten to match their requirements.  I allow them about 2 weeks to make their decision from the available kittens.  
  • Whilst waiting for their decision, the suggested kitten is marked "Under consideration".
  • Once a decision has been made and a kitten chosen, it is marked "Reserved".
  • Once the balance of deposit has been received, it is marked "Adopted"
  • Any kittens in the litter that remain available for selection are marked "Available"
Black spotted silver Ocicat kitten
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