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Sir Ocilot's Ocicat Kitten Health Guarantee

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My aim is to produce quality Ocicat kittens with excellent health and perfect temperaments from fully pedigreed Ocicat parents.

At Sir Ocillot, I strive to maintain the highest standard in health in my cats and kittens and in the cleanliness the cat and kitten accommodation and facilities.

My kittens are top quality and I believe my kitten buyers have the right to expect top quality service, including advice and support whenever it is required.

Sir Ocilot Kitten Health Guarantee

1.  All kittens sold by Sir Ocilot will be accompanied by -

  • a health declaration, including details of any known physical abnormality at the time of sale and how that abnormality may affect the short- and long-term health and welfare of the kitten;
  • a vaccination certificate stating the date of last vaccination and due date of the next vaccination;
  • a record of parasite control, incuding dates of treatments and products used;
  • a certificate of desexing
  • proof of microchip implant and a signed transfer of ownership form
  • information in regard to -
    • appropriate feeding,
    • parasite control,
    • health,
    • housing,
    • responsible pet ownership incuding current lelgislation covering registration of pet animals and
    • vaccinations.

2.  Health Guartantee

  • When a kitten is returned to Sir Ocilot within 3 days of sale, for any reason not supported by a statement from a veterinary practitioner, Sir Ocilot will take back the kitten and refund 75% of the purchase price;

  • When a kitten is returned to Sir Ocilot within 21 days of sale accompanied by a statement from a veterinary practitioner that the kitten is unacceptable for health reasons, Sir Ocilot will take back the kitten and refund 100% of the purchase price;

  • If a kitten is diagnosed with, suffering from, dies of, or is euthanased from a physical defect or disease that is traceable to Sir Ocilot within 3 years of purchase, Sir Ocilot will refund 100% of the purchase price where the owner of the kitten provides supporting statements from a veterinary practitioner including test results where a suitable test is available.  Owners of the kitten must make veterinary reports and test results available to Sir Ocilot for Sir Ocilot to obtain their own veterinary advice (second opinion) for the purpose of informing future breeding management.  If the reason for diagnosis, death, or euthanasia is a result of a heritable defect, the parents and any offspring from those parents still held by Sir Ocilot must be tested and managed for that heritable defect.
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