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How to adopt an Ocicat Kitten from Sir Ocilot

Adopt a Kitten
How do I purchase my Ocicat kitten from Sir Ocilot?

There are two ways to purchase your Ocicat kitten -

 1.    Join the Waiting List
      • to ensure your choice of kitten once they are born
      • a Waiting List Deposit is required of $200 which is non refundable but forms part of the purchase price
      • once the kittens are born, choose your kitten in order of the list
      • pay the balance of your deposit which is half the purchase price less $200 W/L deposit
      • balance is payable on collection or transport of your kitten.
      • if you are unable to select your kitten from available kittens for any reason, you remain on the waiting list until the next litter is born
      • if you are still unable to select your kitten, your place on the waiting list is kept at the price you joined the list for 12 months from your joining date

 2.   Wait until Ocicats kitten are born and are available
      • people on the waiting list have first choice of kittens in the order they joined the list
      • choose your kitten from those that remain available
      • pay a deposit equal to half the purchase price
      • balance is payable on collection or transport of your kitten.
I am interstate / overseas - What about Transport?

  • Sir Ocilot will arrange all transport for your kitten.  The cost of transport, a PP20 airline approved cat carry case to be borne by the purchaser
  • A guide to transport costs can be seen by clicking this link
  • A snuggly travel blanket and toy for the journey will be provided courtesy of  Sir Ocilot

If I am unable to visit, how can I see my Ocicat kitten grow and develop?

  • Photos of your kitten will be uploaded to the website on a regular basis so you can watch your baby grow and develop.
  • Each litter of kittens will eventually have  several hundreds of photos on the website.
  • Of course, if you are able to visit, you would be most welcome - just phone to make an appointment.
  • Most of our Ocicat kittens are purchased by either interstate or international buyers.
Ready to Proceed with your Adoption?

  • Contact Kath of Sir Ocilot -
      • Email : xxxxxxxx
      • Phone : 03 xxxxxxx
      • Mobile : xxxxxx

  • Pay a Deposit -
      • once you have been accepted as a suitable parent you will be required to pay a deposit
      • Waiting List - $200 non refundable which forms part of your purchase price
      • or - Already Born Kitten - half the purchase price

  • Acknowledgement of your Adoption -
      • you will be provided with a receipt giving full details of your adoption
      • Waiting List - your name will be added to the waiting list & you will be provided with a copy of the list
      • Already Born Kitten - your name will be added to the website page against your chosen kitten

  • Sit back and watch your kitten grow and develop under the steady care of Sir Ocilot
      • if you are able to visit Sir Ocilot, you may come to see your kitten after it is 4 weeks old
      • otherwise, photographs of each kitten will be displayed on the website

Join the Waiting List for your Ocicat Kitten from Sir Ocilot

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