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Ocicat Kittens Available from Sir Ocilot

Sir Ocilot's Current Ocicat Litter -  Miffy and Zander

Date of Birth  :    August 6, 2018
Ready to Leave :   About October 29, 2018

Queen :   Sirocilot Miffian - Tawny spotted Ocicat - aka "Miffy"
Stud :   Double Grand Champion Ozspots Pennington - Chocolate spotted Ocicat - aka "Zander"
Kitten Colours  : Chocolate spotted, Tawny spotted, Lilac spotted and Tawny Marbled

# Kittens' themed names ....  to be anonounced shortly
More information to come - watch this space!

Meet Zander and Miffy
Miffy & Zander's Ocicat kittens - first photos
Contact Kath to Adopt one of our Beautiful Spotted Babies

Contact Kath Email:   sirocilot@outlook.com
Phone: 0477 863 835

About Ocicat kitten fur.  
When Ocicat kittens are born they have long fluffy kitten fur.  This fur  will gradually fall out over the next 6 or so weeks to reveal their adult,  sleek, silky, smooth Ocicat coat.  So when you view photos on the website of the  kittens, remember they are wearing their fluffy kitten coats.  I will try to  take photos at such an angle that you can see the true spotted coat underneath  but kittens will often appear with ‘muzzy’ spots in some of the photos.  If you  look at the kitten photos, you can see the long kitten fur standing out from the  bodies.  Don’t worry – your kitten will be beautifully spotted with a smooth silky coat by the time he leaves me.  

About Ocicat kitten colours.  
Your kitten was born with his colour.  It won’t change much, if at all, as  he matures.  However, you should know that each colour comes in its variations,  for instance, a tawny can very dark so that the spots are black or a tawny can  be warm so that the spots and background contain warmer colours and shades of  browns.  In Poppit’s litter, she has two very dark tawny kittens and two warmer  tawnies, hence the difference – but all are tawny spotted.

About Ocicat kitten spots.  
Your kitten was born with his spots, however, as his body grows, the spots  also get a bit bigger – but they also separate as the body grows.  Sometimes,  you will see joined spots on a kitten.  These often separate as the kitten  develops, but not always.  Often, there will be joined spots over the  shoulders.  There are always stripes on the legs, the head and face and the tail.  And there are stripes on the  chest which are called necklaces.  The standard for Ocicats says that these  necklaces should be broken at the front and the more the better!

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Sir Ocilot

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