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Testimonials from our Ocicat Buyers

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It's a bit scary buying a pedigreed kitten from the internet -
You hope and pray you choose the right breeder -
You hope the kitten you choose turns up healthy and well

Well - it's all good news at Sir Ocilot!

*  Kath of Sir Ocilot is Australia's Ocicat breeder

*  Kath of Sir Ocilot provides written guarantees on every Ocicat kitten

*  Kath of Sir Ocilot is the Ocicat breeder you can trust!

But don't just take our word for it -

Read what our latest Ocicat buyers said about us and our Ocicat Kittens!

From Diana - re Sir Ocilot Chocolate Chip - COOKIE LITTER - Born November 7, 2015

Choco has so far been an amazing success. Apart from being stunningly beautiful, she has a beautiful personality. Confident and outgoing, her integration into our home has been smooth and easy.

From my previous experience with kittens, I expected she would at first want to hide and be cautious for at least a week but that's not been the case. She's been into everything from the time she got home, minding everyone's business.

My girls love playing with her, endless games, and she is keen to be involved with what they're doing.

She has happily slept in my bed, under the covers every night, purring away, tummy exposed. She did cry a few times at night before bed calling for her mum and sister, but she is certainly getting plenty of love and attention in this household and has settled in so well.

I have fed her some prawns and some fancy cat food, but she's also been tucking into our older cat's Whiskas loaf and the dry pellets, and has helped herself to unattended cornflakes and milk, and prime steak from my dinner plate!

She has an occasional nap on a sheep skin rug, which she also enjoys "attacking", the nerf gun foam things you gave us are also a favourite.

I am very pleased that she is perfectly toilet trained. She used her litter box instinctively first time, we didn't even need to show her, and the litter was a different type to what you have.

There has also been no problem with our older cat, although they have not bonded yet, there is harmony between them.

Thank you for this wonderful Ocicat.

Kind regards,  
From Nola of Oz Catz - re Sir Ocilot Jade - GEM LITTER - Born July 19, 2016

Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity of giving this beautiful show quality Ocicat a good home as one of my breeding Ocicat queens.

Jade slipped into my busy household without a ripple - adjusting to all and sundry without any problems at all.

She is strong, vigorous and supremely healthy - a wonderful credit to you as an Ocicat breeder.

Jade has also proven herself to be one of the most loving and caring mother cats to her kittens.  

She is most affectionate, beautifully sleek and shiny with a wonderfully marked spotted coat.

Jade does you proud to bear your prefix, "Sir Ocilot" - thank you again!!

Nola of Oz Catz
This is Sir Ocilot Jade

This girl epitimizes the Ocicat -

Regal, Elegant, Intelligent, Beautiful

and a wonderful Companion Cat as well!

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Sir Ocilot

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