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Why Consider Bringing an Ocicat into your Life

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Tawny spotted Ocicat kitten
Ocicats are active -
    • You will need to be able to spare time to interact with your smart spotted cat.
    • They enjoy conversations and need to be a part of your life.
    • They are the perfect Executive Directors of the family!

Ocicats are highly intelligent -
    • An Ocicat will need to part of your daily life, helping with chores, supervising, giving the occasional advice.
    • Ocicats develop an affinity with their people, sensing moods and soothing sadnesses.
    • Ocicats can be trained to play fetch, sit, roll over, etc.

Ocicats are affectionate and loyal to their family -
    • Ocicats are 'dog-like' in their loyality.
    • Ocicats don't usually choose one member of the family to make 'special'.
    • Ocicats tend to make sure that every family member enjoys their company and love.

Ocicats interact with their family at every opportunity -
    • Ocicats absolutely love their people and need to part of their life.
    • Ocicats are not the type of cat that goes off by itself until dinner time, then appears for tucker.
    • If you are around - your Ocicat will be around with you.
    • Ocicats are the perfect companions

Ocicats -pedigreed cats without natural fear of dogs or traffic -
    • You will need to keep your Ocicat safe as an inside-only family member, or when outside under supervision on a harness & leash, or in a properly constructed cat run
    • Ocicats, like all cats, enjoy the wind in their whiskers and exploring gardens.
    • Oz Catz' Ocicats are raised in the company of other cats and a dog so don't develop any fear.
    • This makes our Ocicats especially vulnerable to dog attack and road trauma.
    Ocicats are extremely beautiful and regal -
      • Your Ocicat will look like you've got a leopard in your lounge-room
      • But as it has absolutely no wild-blood - it is pure bred from pedigreed cats - it won't eat your kits or dog!
      • It will invoke the usual 'Wow - Look at that Beautiful Cat!'    And - 'What is it?'
      • And you can sit back and smile, knowing you have a rare breed Ocicat as your family member


    But a word of warning - Ocicats are adictive - who can stop at one??

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