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Why Choose Sir Ocilot for your Ocicat Kitten

Adopt a Kitten
When you adopt an Ocicat kitten from Sir Ocilot -

  • you can rest assured that you will be purchasing the very best in health, temperament and breeding in your Ocicat kitten.  
    • Sir Ocilot ensures the Ocicat breed in Australia remains strong and healthy, with low in-breeding co-efficients
    • We provide a written guarantee on health and temperament with every one of our Ocicat kittens
    • We abide by all rules and regulations of Cat Registration Bodies, Local Councils and State Governments as a responsible cat breeder
    • We promise to breed Ocicat kittens that -
      • reflect the Ocicat breed standard
      • are worthy of their Ocicat pedigree
      • are well socialised and confident
      • are healthy and strong

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Sir Ocilot

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